£797.00 GBP

A-Level Chemistry Mastery Fast Track Yr 12

In this course, your child will achieve the following:

✔ A complete review of all of the Year 12 content so they fill in any gaps in their knowledge so they are ready for Year 13.

✔ Effective study and revision strategies that will reduce their study time and lower the risk of burnout, ensuring they stay focused and engaged.

✔ Strategies to build and maintain their confidence and motivation to make sure that they have the correct mindset so they are consistently giving their best effort on a daily basis.

This course includes the following:

✅ 6 weeks of tuition with Graeme and his team

✅ 3 hours of live lessons each week (two 90-minute lessons)

✅ Access to the A-Level Chemistry Summer Challenge private Kajabi Community Group

✅ Support with UCAT, UCAS, and university interviews for medicine and dentistry and work experience in these fields.