CHEM Accelerated Learning Program Yr 13

Has your child received an A* prediction for A-Level Chemistry in Year 13? Are they on track to achieve an A* in their final exams? This accomplishment would make them a strong contender for esteemed medical, dental, and veterinary programs at top universities in the UK.

If your child has earned an A* prediction in A-Level Chemistry, you must be proud of their dedicated work and effort.

Price: £2197
Year: 13


However, if your child did not achieve an A* prediction, I would like you to consider the following questions regarding your child's performance in A-Level Chemistry:

  1. Do you believe your child has a solid foundation in Year 12 Chemistry that will enable them to secure an A* in their final exams?
  2. Do they possess the mindset necessary for A-Levels, or should they adapt their approach from GCSEs?
  3. Are they employing effective study skills and revision strategies utilized by A* A-Level Chemistry students?
  4. Do they possess rigorous exam techniques suitable for A-Level Chemistry? 

If you answered "no" to any of these questions, continue reading as our course may provide the solution you need to support your child's success.

Additionally, ask yourself the following:

  • Are you concerned that poor test grades in Year 12 may shake your child's confidence in passing A-Level Chemistry?
  • Do you worry that declining report card grades might demotivate them, potentially leading to them giving up on their A-Levels?
  • Does the possibility of your child not achieving an A on their UCAS prediction exam in Year 12 and not being predicted an A* for A-Level Chemistry in Year 13 concern you?

If you answered "yes" to these questions, it's time to take action!

You wouldn't want your child to invest two years of their life only to fall short of their dreams and goals.

If these challenges are not addressed, they may face increased stress in Year 13, which could result in poor performance on the final exam. This, in turn, might necessitate additional measures such as a gap year, exam retakes, foundation courses, or even a change in career paths.

But don't worry, there's a solution!

Our 16-week Year 13 A-Level Chemistry course is specifically designed to keep students on track, give them a head start, establish a strong foundation, and secure an A* in their final exams.

By using our proven framework that has helped numerous students before them achieve the same result.

In this course, your child will achieve the following:


✔ Learn strategies to build and maintain confidence and motivation, cultivating the right mindset for consistent effort and success.

✔ Develop effective study and revision strategies to save time, prevent burnout, and stay focused and engaged.

✔ Master rigorous exam techniques to minimize errors, enhance proficiency in using mark schemes, and significantly improve test and exam grades.

✔ Receive comprehensive teaching of all Year 13 content, ensuring there are no knowledge gaps and preparing them thoroughly for their final exams in A-Level Chemistry.


Here’s an example of some of the results I have helped students achieve over the last year;

Fatemeh earned an A* on her UCAS prediction exam and an A* on her final exam and is now studying medicine at UEA.

Rawan earned an A* on her UCAS prediction exam and an A* on her final exam and graduated from the University of Liverpool.

Sruthri earned an A on her UCAS prediction exam and an A* on her final exam and earned a degree from the University of Southampton.

Get started! 

✅ 16 weeks of tuition with Graeme and his team

✅ 3 hours of live lessons per week (two 90-minute lessons)

✅ Access to the course's private Kajabi Community group

✅ Support with UCAT, UCAS, and university interviews for medicine and dentistry, as well as guidance on work experience in these fields.

Cost: £2197
Year: 12