About the Founder

Parents and students have asked me why I tutor GCSE and A-Level STEM subjects and why I created my company. This is my story - why I chose to tutor A-level Chemistry and why I formed my company.


My Experience With School

When I was in school, I wish that I had teachers that explained concepts to me in a way that I understood. And that I knew how to study my course material in a way that made sense to me. And that I had a revision strategy that allowed me to earn grades on my topic tests and final exams that matched my ability and understanding of the course material. And I wish that I had the skills, tools and resources that I needed in order to keep myself focused on and motivated with my studies.


I wish I had the resources that EmPowered STEM offers its students when I was in school - thorough content knowledge, study skills and revision strategies and mental resilience and motivational tips.

I believe that the best way to help a child become a qualified GCSE or A-Level STEM student is to solve their problem with their STEM subjects holistically.

I focus on three key areas: core concepts, exam preparation and focus and motivation.

It's important to me that students have access to quality coaching and tuition. This is why I offer tiers of service for my clients - from academic coaching to revision courses in GCSE and A-Level STEM subjects.

Avoiding The Same Mistake With My Current Students

Being an A-level chemistry teacher, I saw in my students what I saw in myself all those years ago. Students that weren’t earning a grade that reflected their true potential in A-level Chemistry. Not because they weren’t trying but because they didn’t have the study skills and revision strategies necessary to gain a deep understanding of the core concepts in the course. And they didn’t have the mental resilience to remain focused on their studies or motivated to perform at their best throughout the course. And so, they fell into a downward spiral of poor topic test and exam grades that led to a lack of focus and motivation.

An Idea For A Different Kind Of Tutoring Company

I decided to create a company that gave students the resources and tools that they need in order to develop into well-qualified GCSE and A-level STEM students.
I didn’t want to create another typical tutoring company in an already busy space. A company that offered students a short-term solution to their current problem just before another problem arrived.
I didn't want to create a tutoring company that offered a quick fix to a problem by helping a student with their homework or helping them cram for topic tests or exams.